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The concert promoting wing of Nathan Hassall Music aims to bring truly innovative and entertaining events to the London concert going public.

Recorded by the acclaimed film maker Amir Adhamy at the concert “The Bebop Years, 1945-49” (St. James’s Piccadilly, London, 10th June 2011) these videos aim to give you a taste of the Miles Davis Project Band’s themed concerts dedicated to the legacy of legendary jazz trumpeter.

We hope you enjoy watching what we think are stunning high quality videos of these two classic jazz numbers (they were filmed in HD no less!!) and remember if you want to be kept up to date with news and special offers for our concerts remember to sign up to our newsletter.

“Ladybird” by Tadd Dameron

“Milestones” (Old Version) by Miles Davis

The Miles Davis Project Band

Joe Auckland – Trumpet
Nathan Hassall – Saxophone
John Turville – Piano
Ben Bastin – Bass
Eric Ford – Drums

Jazz Concert Press Reviews/Comments

“the excellent trumpet player, Joe Auckland…"

John Fordham - The Guardian

"Joe is a really good player"

Kenny Wheeler (legendary jazz trumpeter)

"John Turville is a young conservatoire-trained British pianist…his improvisations often recall UK piano giant John Taylor's playing.”

John Fordham - The Guardian (John Turville is the winner of the 2011 Best Album Parlimentary Jazz Award for his most recent work “Midas”)

"Thus Hassall's solos managed to suggest Coltrane on the way to the wilder and more ritualistic excursions of his later work..."

Max Harrison - Musical Opinion Magazine

“There's nothing to compare with the sensation of hearing music from various chapters in the story of jazz played live. Sensitive repertory performances by gifted young players can teach us just as much about the music as the records that collectors treasure, as the concert experience is - in my opinion - the best way to hear every kind of music."

Alyn Shipton, Jazz Critic for The Times & BBC Radio 3 Jazz Library Presenter

“There’s another chance to hear the Miles Davis Project Band, led by Nathan Hassall, at St. James’s Piccadilly on 14th October, performing a set with the theme of “The First Great Quintet 1955-58”. We hugely approve of this sort of thing, as jazz has now been around for so long that new listeners are often coming to the music with very little idea of its history. This kind of subtly educational gig, especially in a venue like this which is conductive to attentive listening, is exactly what’s needed to fill in the gaps”

JazzUK Magazine Oct/Nov 2011 Issue

Why don’t you come and find out what all of the buzz is about? We hope to see you at one of Nathan Hassall Music’s upcoming concerts in London soon! If you have any queries or comments about this article please feel free to Contact Us

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