Jazz Musicians & Bands for Hire

Musicians, Bands & DJs for Hire

Hiring musicians to perform at your event will always create feelings of culture, style, sophistication and exclusivity amongst your guests. If you want your event’s attendees to feel privileged as guests and valued either as friends, colleagues or clients, then nothing will convey this message as well as hiring top quality musicians to perform with skill and subtlety in the background for your event; or by giving your guests a night to remember with featured performances of exquisite beauty or sheer energy and fun so your guests can relax, unwind and dance the night away.

Why hire your Live Music through Nathan Hassall Music?

Nathan Hassall Music has created a unique and exclusive roster of the finest professional musicians active on today’s thriving and diverse London music scene. For ease of your navigation around our website we have categorised our bands, ensembles and soloists available for hire into four main styles or genres or music: - Jazz, Classical, Pop or World Music.

Wedding & Party Jazz Bands for Hire

In comparison to other large music agencies based in London, Nathan Hassall Music is unique in that it is run by the very musicians that will be performing at your event. This fact brings two huge advantages for our clients: -

Firstly, as we don’t need to employ large numbers of office staff we are not forced to charge a huge commission on our fees. This allows us to pass on to our clients at times what are colossal savings (in comparison to identical acts being supplied by some other of the London based music agencies).

Secondly, when dealing with your enquiries and bookings with Nathan Hassall Music you are being looked after by someone with immense firsthand experience in performing at events and not just an office worker doing a “9 to 5” who knows very little about the music and entertainment industries and who may never have even been behind the scenes at an event at all.

Solo Classical Musicians for Hire

These points allow Nathan Hassall Music to tailor make specific and cost effective recommendations for your events that we know will work. This means that if you book with Nathan Hassall Music you will never end up with an acoustic Jazz Duo performing to 1000+ delegates, a Function Band with no access to power, or a full 18 piece Big Band only given 30 minutes to set up. Yes, it sounds like common sense doesn’t it?! But trust us, we’ve been there in the past when our acts have been booked through other agencies – it really happens! Well, not with Nathan Hassall Music we can promise you that!

Nathan Hassall Music’s Price Promise

If you receive a cheaper quote from one of the following music agencies for an identical act and performance Nathan Hassall Music promises to match or better that quote: -

We hope you enjoy your look around, and please feel free to get in touch with queries or comments at any time.